What we do

Eristia is developing dedicated software under the Kenya Revenue Authority new eTIMS specifications.

eTIMS is expanding on the existing TIMS rules. Over and above the formal digital uploads of all invoices that was introduced by TIMS in 2021, the new eTIMS specifications call for full monitoring of items in stock, automated updates of purchases and imports from KRA etc. This presents a lot of challenges for an existing business: new item encodings and classifications are required and new logic must be applied to KRA servers communications for compliance.

Eristia through its partner One Source Solutions Ltd develops both stand alone apps and integration apps:

As a stand alone app, Biashara Box is everything a business needs to start being fully compliant with eTIMS.

As an integration tool, Biashara Box is the easiest way for a business to keep using their existing accounting app and become eTIMS compatible with minimal effort.

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